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anupatanam अनुपतनम् पातः 1 Falling upon, alighting upon in succession. -2 Following, going after, pursuit; उपवनपवनानुपातदक्षैः Śi.7.27. -3 Going or proceeding in order or as a consequence. -4 [अनुरूपः त्रैराशिकेन पातः] Proportion. -5 Rule of three. -6 A degree of latitude, opposite to one given. -तम् ind. (regarded as ending in ṇamul from पत्) Following in succession, going after; लतानुपातं कुसुमान्यगृह्णात् Bk.2.11 (लतां लताममुपात्य going to creeper after creeper, or after bending the creepers.)
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