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aniravasita अनिरवसित a. [P. P. of निर् + अव + सो 4 P.] Śūdras who are not expelled (from dish), i. e. those Śūdras who are not regarded so low as to defile the plates and vessels permanently in which they might have taken their meal. cf. पात्रादनिरवसितानाम् । यैक्ते पात्रं संस्कारेण शुध्यति ते अनिरवरिताः । यैर्भुक्ते पात्रं संस्कारेणापि न सुध्यति ते निर- वसिताः शूद्राणामनिरवसितानाम्; (P.II.4.1 Sk.).
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aniravasita adjective not excluded from (social) contact with higher caste members
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