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aminatmfn. (1. mi-), not violating or transgressing, not altering View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
aminatf. (Ved. dual number atī-) unalterable View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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aminat अमिनत् a. Ved. 1 Not hurting; unhurt. -2 Unalterable; यजत्रैरमिनती तस्थतुरुक्षमाणे Rv.4.56.2.
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aminat pr. pt. not injuring.
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aminate guruṃ bhāraṃ na manma RV.4.5.6b.
aminatī tasthatur ukṣamāṇe RV.4.56.2b.
aminatī daivyāni vratāni RV.1.92.12c; 124.2a.
praminatī manuṣyā yugāni # RV.1.92.11c; 124.2b.
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vicāraविचारणा, examination, question or topic or subject for examination:confer, compare कुतः पुनरियं विचारणा l M.Bh. on P. I. 1.50 Vart. 1. विचाल immolation, destruction: confer, compare वर्णाश्रयः प्रत्ययो बर्णविचालस्यानिमित्तम् । दाक्षिः M.Bh .on, P.I.1.39 Vart. 10; confer, compare also Par. Sek. on Pari. 85.
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eight-fold examination, a diagnostic process; examination of pulse, urine, feces, tongue, voice, appearance, smell, tactile sense.


1. examination, reflection; 2. liturgical hermeneutics, one of the six systems of Indian philosophy.


examination of urine.


aetiological pentad or five clinical barometers. Mādhavanidāna describes them as prodromal symptoms (pūrvarūpa), manifested symptoms (rūpa), pathogenesis (samprāpti), allaying by suitable remedies or predilection (upaśaya) and eight kinds of physical examination (aṣṭavidhaparīkṣa).


palpation and percussion; part of examination of the patient.

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