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ambugamfn. "water-goer", living in water. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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mukhākāra m. look, mien; -½âkshepa, m. turning up of soil with the ploughshare and abuse proceeding from the mouth; -a&ndot;ga, n. part of the face; -½âditva, n. state of being the face etc.;-½anila, m. breath; -½abga, n. lotus face; -½ambuga, n. id.; -½âsava, m. nectar of the lips; -½âsrâva, m. flow of saliva; -½âsvâda, m. kissing of the mouth; -½indu, m. moon-like face: -bimba, n. id.; -½utkîrna, m. N.
līlā f. play, sport, pastime, diver sion, amusement; playful imitation of a lover; mere sport, child's play (=action easily performed); mere appearance, sem blance (--°ree;); dissimulation, disguise, pre tence; charm, grace: °ree;-and in. a-yâ, sportively, to amuse oneself; in sport=with the greatest ease; for mere appearance, feignedly: -kamala, n. toy-lotus, lotus for playing with; -kalaha, m. playful or feigned quarrel; -khela, a. playfully sportive; -½â gâra, n., -griha, n., -geha, n. pleasure house; -tâmarasa, n. toy-lotus, lotus for playing with; -nritya, n. playful dance; -padma, n. lotus for playing with; -½abga, n. id.; -½âbharana, n.sham ornament (e. g. a brace let of lotus fibres); -manushya, m. man in appearance only, man in disguise; -mand ira, n. pleasure house; -½ambuga, n. toy lotus.
vaktra n. mouth; face; muzzle, snout; -kkhada, m. cloth covering the face (of an elephant); -dvâra, n. mouth; -pata, m. (?) veil; -½ambuga, n. lotus-face; -½indu, m. moon-like face.
hemapratimā f. likeness of gold: -prabha, m. N. of a fairy; N. of a king of the parrots: â, f. N. of a fairy; -maya, a. (î) golden; -mriga, m. golden deer; -ratna maya, a. (î) consisting of gold and gems; -ratna-vat, a. containing or consisting of gold and gems; -latâ, f. golden creeper; N. of a princess; -vat, a. adorned with gold; -sri&ndot;ga, n. golden horn; -sûtra, n. gold (thread=) necklace; -½a&ndot;ka, a.adorned with gold; -½a&ndot;ga, a. having members or parts consisting of gold; m. ep. of Meru; -½akala, m. gold moun tain, ep. of Meru; -½anda, n. golden mundane egg; -½adri, m. gold mountain, ep. of Meru; N. of an author; -½âbha, a. looking like gold; -½ambuga, n. golden lotus; -½ambhoga, n. id.; -½alamkâra, m. golden ornament.
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