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adhikarmann. superintendence. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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adhikarman अधिकर्मन् n. [अधिकं कर्मं] 1 A higher or superior act. -2 Superintendence, -m. One who is charged with superintendence. -Comp. -करः, कृत् a sort of servant, overseer of workmen. -कृतः [अधिकर्म कृतं येन निष्ठान्तस्य परनिपातः] one appointed to superintend an institution or establishment; सर्वेष्वधिकृतो यः स्यात् कुटुम्बस्य तथोपरि । सो$धिकर्मकृतो ज्ञेयः स च कौटुम्बिकः स्मृतः ॥ In families he is the head or paterfamilias
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