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"abudhyata" has 2 results
abudhyata: third person singular passive system imperfect class budh
abudhyata: third person singular present imperfect class 4 ātmanepadabudh
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abudhyata could understandSB 10.3.53
SB 8.17.22
abudhyata he understoodSB 11.23.40
abudhyata satisfiedSB 1.8.46
abudhyata she noticedSB 3.23.45
abudhyata understoodSB 1.8.11
abudhyata understood factuallySB 9.14.42
avabudhyata could understandSB 9.19.4
samabudhyata he could understand (their position)SB 10.10.5
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