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abdurgan. a fortress surrounded by a moat or lake. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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abdurga अब्दुर्गः A fortress in water, one surrounded by a moat or lake. (Mar. जंजिरा.) अब्देवताक abdēvatāka दैवत daivata अब्देवताक दैवत a. Having the waters for divinities, praising the waters; सूक्तं वा $ब्दैवतं जपेत् Ms.11.133.
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abdurga a. inaccessible owing to water.
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durgaviśeṣaḥ yasya catasṛṣu dikṣu jalāśayaḥ bhavati।

abdurgaṃ śatroḥ ākramaṇāt rakṣaṇārthaṃ racyate sma।

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