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ahirbudhnyas Nominal verb sg. m. (instrumental case /ahinā budhny/ena- ) = , the serpent of the deep (enumerated in among the divinities of the middle region, the abyss in which he lives being that of the region of mist) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
car cl.1. c/arati-, rarely te- (subjunctive c/arat-,3 plural c/arān- ; perf. cac/āra-[ etc.] , 2 sg. cacartha- ; plural cerur-,etc.; ratur- etc.; A1. cere- ; future cariṣyati-, te-; Aorist acārīt-[ ]; infinitive mood c/aritum-[ ]or cartum-[ ] , Vedic or Veda car/adhyai-[ ], c/aritave-[ ], car/ase-[ ], car/āyai-[ ], caritos-[ ]; ind.p. caritv/ā- ; cartvā- ; cīrtvā-, ; parasmE-pada c/arat-) to move one's self, go, walk, move, stir, roam about, wander (said of men, animals, water, ships, stars, etc.) etc. ; to spread, be diffused (as fire) ; to move or travel through, pervade, go along, follow etc. ; to behave, conduct one's self, act, live, treat (with instrumental case or locative case) etc. ; to be engaged in, occupied or busy with (instr exempli gratia, 'for example' yajñ/ena c-,"to be engaged in a sacrifice" ) etc. ; (with[ ]or without[ ] mithun/am-) to have intercourse with, have to do with (instrumental case) ; (with a parasmE-pada or adjective (cf. mfn.) or ind.p. or adverb) to continue performing or being (exempli gratia, 'for example' arcantaś cerur-,"they continued worshipping"; svāminam avajñāya caret-,"he may go on despising his master") etc. ; (in astronomy) to be in any asterism or conjunction ; to undertake, set about, under go, observe, practise, do or act in general, effect, make (exempli gratia, 'for example' vrat/āni-"to observe vows" etc.; vighnaṃ c-,"to put a hindrance"; bhaikṣaṃ c-"to beg"; vivādaṃ c-,"to be engaged in a lawsuit"; mṛgayāṃ c-,"to hunt" ; sambandhāṃś c-,"to enter into connections"; mārgaṃ cacāra bāṇaiḥ-,"he made a way with arrows"; tapasā indriyāṇi c-,to exercise one's organs with penance ) etc. ; to consume, eat (with accusative), graze ; to make or render (with double accusative) exempli gratia, 'for example' nar/endraṃ satya-sthaṃ carāma-,"let us make the king keep his word" : Causal cārayati-, to cause to move or walk about (Aorist /acīcarat-) ; to pasture ; to send, direct, turn, move etc. ; to cause any one (accusative) to walk through (accusative) ; to drive away from (ablative) ; to cause any one (accusative) to practise or perform (with accusative) ; to cause (any animal accusative) to eat ; to cause to copulate ; to ascertain (as through a spy instrumental case) ; to doubt (see vi--) : Desiderative cicariṣati-, to try to go (parasmE-pada cicarṣat-) ; to wish to act or conduct one's self ; to try to have intercourse with (instrumental case), : Intensive carcarīti- A1. or rarely ([ ]) Passive voice cañcūryate- (curīti-and cūrti- ; ind.p. cūrya- ; parasmE-pada once P. cūryat- ) to move quickly or repeatedly, walk about, roam about (in locative case) etc. ; to act wantonly or coquettishly (see ) ; ([ see, etc.])
janmann. custom, manner (pratn/ena j/anmanā-,according to ancient custom) (varia lectio manm- ) (dūta-janmanā-,"like a messenger") View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
satyan. truth, reality (satyena-,"truly","certainly","really"; k/asmāt s/atyāt-,"for what reason, how is it that?"t/ena saty/ena-,"for that reason, so truly"; yathā-tena-[or evaṃ-] satyena-,"as-so truly";with Buddhists truth is of two kinds, viz. saṃvṛti--and paramārtha-satyam-,"truth by general consent"and"self-evident truth";for the four fundamental truths of BuddhistsSee ) etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
savyamf(ā-)n. (according to to fr. -;perhaps for skavya- confer, compare Greek , column 3) left, left hand (am-, /ena-, - e-,and in the beginning of a compound,"on the left") etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
śivan. welfare, prosperity, bliss (āya-, /ena-or /ebhis-,"auspiciously, fortunately, happily, luckily"; śivāya gamyatām-,"a prosperous journey to you!") etc. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vaitasenam. (prob. derived fr. a misunderstanding of vaitas/ena- instrumental case ; see vaitas/a-), Name of purū-ravas- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
ven (in varia lectio for veṇ- q.v) cl.1 P. v/enati-, to care or long for, be anxious, yearn for ; to tend outwards (said of the vital air) ; to be homesick ; to be envious or jealous (according to to also "to go"and"to worship") . View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
yuktan. fitness, suitableness, propriety ( yuktam am- ind.fitly, suitably, justly, properly, rightly; /ena-,properly, suitably ; buddhi-yuktena-,conformably to reason ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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