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dah cl.1.P. dahati- (Epic also A1.; parasmE-pada d/ahati- imperfect tense /adahat-; Aorist adhāk- ; 1 . sg. kṣam- ;3. plural kskur- ; subjunctive dhāk- ;2. sg. dhakṣi-, ; parasmE-pada dh/akṣat-[also Nominal verb m.], d/ahṣat-, ; future dhakṣyati-[ ] [ Potential dhakṣyet-, ] etc.; dahiṣy-, ; infinitive mood dagdhum-) to burn, consume by fire, scorch, roast etc. ; to cauterise ; to consume, destroy completely etc. ; to torment, torture, pain, distress, disturb, grieve etc.: Passive voice dahyate- (ti- ) ; to be burnt, burn, be in flames etc. ; to be consumed by fire or destroyed ; to be inflamed (a wound) ; to be consumed by internal heat or grief, suffer pain, be distressed or vexed etc. ; Causal dāhayati- to burn or be burned etc. ; to cause to be cooked (Aorist plural adīdahan-): Desiderative didhakṣati- (confer, compare kṣā-, kṣu-) to be about to burn or consume or destroy (parasmE-pada kṣamāṇa-): Desiderative Causal (parasmE-pada kṣayat-) to cause any one to make efforts to burn : Intensive dandahīti-, hyate- () to burn or destroy completely (imperative dagdhi-) ; A1. to be burnt completely [ confer, compare Lithuanian degu4,"I am hot"; Gothic dag-s; Old German ta1h-t,"a wick"] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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