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śutudrī: feminine nominative singular stem: śutudrī
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śutudrīf. (according to to also śutudri-and dru-) the śata-dru- or Sutlej river (See śata-dru-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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śutudrī Twice mentioned in the Rigveda, is the name of the most easterly river of the Panjab, the modern Sutlej, the Zaradros of Ptolemy and Arrian. In the post-Vedic period the name of this river appears transformed to śatadru ('flowing in a hundred channels'). The Sutlej has changed its course very considerably within historical times.
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śutudrī, śitadruḥ, satalajanadī   

pañjābaprānte vartamānā ekā nadī।

pañjābaprānte vartamāneṣu pañcasu nadīṣu ekā śutudrī asti।

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