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śreyān: masculine nominative singular stem: śreyas
śreyān: masculine accusative plural future passive participle (has gerundive formation scheme) stem: śreya.
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śreṣṭhaḥ3.1.58MasculineSingularpuṣkalaḥ, sattamaḥ, atiśobhanaḥ, śreyān
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śreyān a first-class man with full knowledge of religious principlesSB 6.2.4
śreyān betterBG 18.47
SB 3.29.32
śreyān far betterBG 3.35
śreyān greaterBG 4.33
śreyān the bestSB 10.86.53
śreyān the very bestSB 10.48.32
śreyān ultimate goodSB 1.7.51

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