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syand (or syad-;often confounded with spand-) cl.1 A1. () sy/andate- (Epic and mc. also ti-; perfect tense siṣy/anda-, siṣyad/uḥ- ; sasyande-, dire- grammar; Aorist 2. 3. sg. -asyān- ; asyandiṣṭa-, asyantta-, asyadat- grammar; future syanttā-, syanditā- ; syantsy/ati- ; syandiṣyate-, syantsyate- grammar; infinitive mood sy/ade- ; sy/anttum- ; ind.p. syanttv/ā-, syattv/ā-, -syadya- ; syanditvā- grammar), to move or flow on rapidly, flow, stream, run, drive (in a carriage), rush, hasten, speed etc. ; to discharge liquid, trickle, ooze, drip, sprinkle, pour forth (accusative) etc. ; to issue from (ablative) : Causal syandayati- (Aorist /asiṣyadat-;Ved. infinitive mood syandayādhyai-), to stream, flow, run etc. ; to cause to flow or run : Desiderative sisyandiṣate-, sisyantsate-, sisyantsati- grammar : Intensive See acchā-syand-, under 3. accha-, and next. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
viṣyand (for vi-syand- q.v) A1. -ṣyandate- (according to to , vi-syandate-is the only correct form when the reference is to living beings), to overflow, flow out (of a vessel; pr. p. vi-ṣyandamāna-) ; to flow in streams or abundantly ; to dissolve, melt (intr.) ; to cause to flow : Causal -ṣyandayati-, to cause to overflow (in a-viṣyandayat-) ; to pour out, sprinkle ; to dissolve, melt (trans.) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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