āvartana आवर्तन

Definition: आवर्तन a. 1 Turning round or towards. -2 Revolving. -नम् 1 Turning round; returning, revolution. -2 Circular motion, gyration. -3 Churning or stirring up anything in fusion. -4 Melting together, fusion, alligation (said of metals). -5 Mid-day, the time when shadows are cast in an opposite direction. -6 Repeating, doing over and over again. -7 Study, practising. -8 A year; आवर्तनानि चत्वारि Mb.13.17.25. -नः 1 Viṣṇu. -2 Name of an उपद्वीप in the जन्बुद्वीप. -नी 1 a crucible. -2 a spoon, ladle. -3 magic art; विद्यामावर्तनीं पुण्यामावर्तयति स द्विजः Rām.7.88.2. (सांग्रहणी विद्या.)

Dictionary: Apte
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