āvartaka आवर्तक

Definition: आवर्तक a. [आवर्त एव स्वार्थे कन्] Revolving again and again. -कः 1 Name of a form of cloud personified; जातं वंशे भुवनविदिते पुष्करावर्तकानाम् Me.6; Ku.2.5. -2 Depression above the eye-brows. -3 A whirlpool. -4 Revolution. -5 Revolution of the mind from the influence of the senses. -6 A curl of hair. -7 A sort of poisonous insect. -8 Name of a plant (Mar. टाकळा); -की Name of a creeping plant (बृहद्दन्ती).

Dictionary: Apte
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