śubh शुभ्

Definition: शुभ् I. 1 (शोभते) 1 To shine, be splendid, look beautiful or handsome; सुष्ठु शोभसे एतेन विनयमाहात्म्येन U.1; R.8.6. -2 To appear to advantage; सुखं हि दुःखान्यनुभूय शोभते Mk.1.1. -3 To suit, become, befit (with gen.); रामभद्र इत्येवोपचारः शोभते तातपरिजनस्य U.1. -4 To be gay or happy. -5 To be victorious. -II. 6 P. (शुभति) To shine; L. D. B. -Caus. (शोभयति-ते) To decorate, adorn, grace. -With परि, वि to shine, look splendid.

Dictionary: Apte
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