śubh शुभ्

Definition: (or 1. śumbh-) cl.1 A1. or cl.6 P. () ś/obhate-, śumbh/ati- or ś/umbhati- (Epic also śobhati-,and Vedic or Veda ś/umbhate-;3. sg. ś/obhe- ; perfect tense śuśobha-, śuśubhe- etc.; śuśumbha- grammar; Aorist, aśubhat-, aśobhiṣṭa-, aśumbhīt- ; parasmE-pada ś/umbhāna-, śubhān/a- ; future śobhitā-or śumbhitā- grammar; śobhiṣyati- ; śumbhiṣyati- grammar; infinitive mood śubh/e-, śobhāse- ; śobhitum- grammar), to beautify, embellish, adorn, beautify one's self. (A1.) look beautiful or handsome, shine, be bright or splendid ; (with iva-or yathā-,"to shine or look like";with na-,"to look bad, have a bad appearance, appear to disadvantage") etc. ; to prepare, make fit or ready, (A1.) prepare one's self. ; (ś/umbhate- according to to some) to flash or flit id est glide rapidly past or along (see śubhān/a-, śumbh/amāna-,and pra-śumbh-) ; (śumbhati-) wrongly for śundhati- (to be connected with śudh-,to purify) ; (śumbhati-) to harm, injure (in this sense rather to be regarded as a second śumbh- see 2. śumbh-, ni-śumbh-): Passive voice Aorist aśobhi-tarām- : Causal śobhayati- (Aorist aśūśubhat-; see śobhita-), to cause to shine beautify, ornament, decorate etc. ; (śubh/ayati-, te-) to ornament, decorate, (A1.) decorate one's self. ; (only pr. p. śubh/ayat-), to fly rapidly along : Desiderative śuśobhiṣate- (according to to grammar also ti-,and śuśubhiṣati-, te-), to wish to prepare or make ready : Intensive śośubhyate- (grammar also śośobdhi-), to shine brightly or in tensely, be very splendid or beautiful

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Dha1tup. xviii , 11 ; xxviii , 33, RV., MBh., ib., RV., MBh., RV., RV., RV., AV., RV., AV. vi , 155 , 3 ; xii , 2 , 40 , Dha1tup. xi , 42, Inscr., AV., RV., TBr., RV., Nir. viii , 10, MBh.
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