mokṣa मोक्ष

Definition: m. release, liberation, escape, from (ab., rarely g. or --°ree;); deliverance from further transmigration, final emancipation; kind of chant conducive to deliverance; re lease of a heavenly body swallowed by Râhu, end of an eclipse; falling or dropping off or down (of leaves etc.); effusion; setting free (a prisoner); causing to flow, shedding (of tears etc.); loosening, untying (hair); solution (of a question); casting, shooting, discharging (arrows etc.); scattering (of grains); utter ance (of a curse); abandonment, relinquish ment: -ka, a. loosening, untying, setting free; --°ree; a.=moksha, final emancipation.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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