āruh आरुह्

Definition: P. -rohati- (Aorist -rukṣat-and Vedic or Veda -ruhat-[ ]; infinitive mood -r/uham- ) A1. (2. sg. -rohase- ) to ascend, mount, bestride, rise up etc. ; to arise, come off, result etc. ; to venture upon, undertake ; to attain, gain etc.: Causal -rohayati- & -ropayati-, to cause to mount or ascend ; to raise etc. ; to string (a bow) etc. ; to cause to grow ; to plant etc. ; to place, deposit, fasten ; to produce, cause, effect ; to attribute etc.: Desiderative P. -rurukṣati-, to wish to ascend or mount

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Pa1n2. 3-1 , 59, RV. x , 44 , 6, RV. i , 51 , 12, RV., AV., S3Br., MBh., R., Hariv., S3ak., Katha1s., Katha1s., Kum., RV., MBh., Katha1s., Ragh., RV., Ka1tyS3r., R., BhP., Pan5cat., MBh., Hariv., Kum., S3ak., Katha1s., MBh., R., BhP., Ya1jn5., Katha1s., Prab., Ma1rkP., BhP., Veda1ntas., Sa1h., RV., BhP., MBh.
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