śobhana शोभन

Definition: शोभन a. (-नी f.) [शोभते शुभ्-ल्यु] 1 Shining, splendid; Mb.4.42.12 (com. सुफलः शोभनभल्लिकः). -2 Handsome, beautiful, lovely. -3 Good, auspicious, fortunate. -4 Richly decorated. -5 Moral, virtuous. -6 Correct, right. -नः 1 Name of Śiva. -2 A planet. -3 A burnt offering for the production of happy results. -ना 1 Turmeric. -2 A beautiful or virtuous woman; तदिदं परिरक्ष शोभने भवितव्यप्रियसंगमं वपुः Ku.4.44. -3 A sort of yellow pigment (= गोरोचना q. v.). -नम् 1 Beauty, lustre, brilliance. -2 A lotus. -3 An ornament. -4 Virtue. -5 Tin. -Comp. -आचरितम् virtuous practice.

Dictionary: Apte
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