ānupūrvyasaṃhitā आनुपूर्व्यसंहिता

Definition: the saṁhitā-pāṭha or recital of the running Vedic text in accordance with the constituent words;e.g. शुनः शेपं चित् निदितम् or नरा शंसं वा पूषणम्, as opposed to the अनानुपूर्व्यसंहिता which is actually found in the traditional recital e.g. शुनश्चिच्छेपं निदितम् Ṛk saṁh. V 2.7 or नरा वा शंसं पूषणम् Ṛk saṁh. X.64.3. See R. Prāt. II 43.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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