śnā श्ना

Definition: a vikarana or conjugational sign of the ninth conjugation, to be added to roots headed by क्री before the Sarvadhatuka affixes; e.g. क्रीणाति; cf. क्र्यादिभ्य: श्ना. P.III.1.81. श्ना is added optionally with श्नुः (नु) to the roots स्तम्भ्, स्तुम्भ्, स्कम्भ्, स्कुम्भ् and स्कु. e.g.स्तभ्नाति, स्तभ्नोति, स्कुभ्नाति, स्कुभ्नोति etc : cf. P.III.1.82.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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