śithila शिथिल

Definition: शिथिल a. [श्लथ्-किलच् पृषो˚ Uṇ.1.53.] 1 Loose, loosened, slackened, relaxed. -2 Untied, unfastened; विश्रामं लभतामिदं च शिथिल़ज्याबन्धमस्मद्धनुः Ś.2.6. -2 Severed, fallen from the stalk; अर्कस्योपरि शिथिलं च्युतमिव नवमल्लिका- कुसुमम् Ś.2.8. -3 Languid, enfeebled, unnerved. -4 Weak, feeble; अशिथिलपरिरम्भ U.1.24 'fast or close embrace'; 1.27. -5 Flaccid, flabby. -6 Dissolved. -7 Decayed. -8 Ineffective, futile, vain. -9 Inattentive,careless; सुभक्ष्याणि विचित्राणि शिथिलाश्चैव योषितः Pt.4.116. -1 Loosely done, not strictly or rigidly performed. -11 Cast off, abandoned. -12 Indistinct (as sound). -लम् 1 Laxity, looseness. -2 Slowness. (शिथिलीकृ means 1 to loosen, unfasten, untie. -2 To relax, slacken; (शिथिलीकृते$धिकृतकृत्यविधौ Ki.6.3. -3 to weaken, impair, enfeeble. -4 to give up, abandon; आत्मन्यवज्ञां शिथिलीचकार R.2.41. शिथिलीभू 1 to be slackened or relaxed. -2 to fall off from; एतत् तु मां दहति नष्टधनाश्रयस्य यत् सौहृदादपि जनाः शिथिलीभवन्ति Mk.1.13).

Dictionary: Apte
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