āhve आह्वे

Definition: P. -hvayati- (but also Potential 1. sg. ā-huvema- ) A1. -hvayate- (but also 1. sg. -huve- ; Aorist 3. plural hūṣata- ; infinitive mood -huv/adhyai- -hvayitav/ai- ) to call near, invoke invite, summon, cite etc. ; to provoke, challenge, emulate (in this sense only A1. ) etc. ; to call to (especially in rites said of the hotṛ-, who addresses the adhvaryu- by the ā-hāva- or ā-hvāna-;See below) and ; to proclaim : Causal -hvāyayati-, to cause to call near, send for ; to cause to summon or challenge or invite : Desiderative -juhūṣati-, to wish to call near, to be about to call near: Intensive -johavīti- , to call near zealously.

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: AV. vii , 85 , 1, RV., RV. i , 14 , 2 , , RV. vi , 60 , 13 , and, S3Br. ii , 5 , 3 , 18, RV., S3Br., TS., MBh., Mr2icch., BhP., Pan5cat., Pa1n2. 1-3 , 31, RV., S3Br., R., Katha1s., AitBr., A1s3vS3r., Ka1tyS3r., S3a1n3khBr., S3a1n3khS3r., AitBr., S3Br., Ka1tyS3r., A1s3vS3r., R., Ragh., Bhat2t2., RV. vii , 56 , 18
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