āhārya आहार्य

Definition: आहार्य pot. p. 1 To be taken or seized. अनीहया गताहार्यनिर्वर्तितनिजक्रियः Bhāg.1.86.14. -2 To be fetched or brought near. -3 To be extracted or removed. -4 To be pervaded (व्याप्य). -5 Artificial, adventitious, incidental, external, accessary; आहार्यशोभारहितैरमायैः Bk. 2.14; न रम्यमाहार्यमपेक्षते गुणम् Ki.4.23; निसर्गसुभगस्य किमा- हार्यकाडम्बरेण Malli. on Ku.7.2. -6 Purposed, intended (as for instance, the identification or आरोप of उपमान or उपमेय in रूपक of which the speaker is fully cognisant); अयं चन्द्रो मुखमित्यादौ चन्द्रभिन्ने मुखे चन्द्राभेदज्ञानं तच्चाहार्यमेव Tv. -7 Conveyed or effected by decoration or ornamentation, one of the 4 kinds of अभिनय q. v. -8 To be eaten. -9 To be worshipped (as Agni). -र्यः A kind of bandage (बन्ध). -र्यम् 1 Any disease to be treated by means of extracting. -2 Extraction. -3 A vessel. -4 The ornamentative part of the drama, such as dress, decoration &c. -शोभा Adventitious beauty (not natural).

Dictionary: Apte
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