āhṛ आहृ

Definition: P. -harati- (Aorist 1. sg. -ahārṣam- ; perfect tense -jahāra-,Inf. -hartav/ai- ) ; seldom A1. (perfect tense -jahre- ) to fetch, bring, bring near ; to offer, reach forth, deliver, give etc. ; to fetch for one's self, take away, take, receive, get etc. ; to conceive (as a woman) ; to bring home (a bride) ; to put on ; to take for one's self, use, enjoy etc. ; to manifest, utter, speak etc.: Causal P. A1. -hārayati-, -te-, to cause to fetch ; to procure ; to cause to bring, collect (taxes) ; to take for one's self, enjoy, eat ; to manifest, utter : Desiderative P. A1. -jihīrṣati-, -te-, to wish or intend to procure ; to seek to get

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV., AV., S3Br. xiii , 8 , 3 , 10, Hariv., RV., AV., TS., S3Br., MBh., R., BhP., S3ak., AV., A1s3vGr2., Mn., Ya1jn5., MBh., Katha1s., Mn., R., Katha1s., Kum., MBh., Katha1s., R., MBh., BhP., R., S3Br., AitBr., TBr., Mn., MBh., MBh., R., MBh., R., Hariv., S3Br., MBh.
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