ācar आचर्

Definition: -carati-, to come near to (accusative), approach ; to lead hither (as a path) ; to address, apply to (accusative) ; to proceed, manage, behave one's self. ; to use, apply ; to examine (a witness) ; (with or without saha-) to have intercourse with ; to act, undertake, do, exercise, practise, perform ( imperfect tense ācarat-,"has done it") etc. ; to throw into the fire

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV., TS. ii, Pan5cat., RPra1t., Mn. ii , 110 , , A1p., RPra1t., Mn. viii , 102 , , ChUp., Mn. xi , 180, Mun2d2Up., Mn., v , 22, MBh., Ka1tyS3r.
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