śaunaka शौनक

Definition: m. (patronymic fr. śunaka- gaRa bidādi-) Name of various authors and teachers (also with indrota- and svaidāyana-; especially of the celebrated grammarian, author of the ṛg-veda- prātiśākhya-, the bṛhad-devatā-, and various other works;he is described as the teacher of kātyāyana- and especially of āśvalāyana-;he is said to have united the bāṣkala- and śākala- śākhā-s, and is sometimes identified with the Vedic ṛṣi- gṛtsa-mada-;but according to the viṣṇu-purāṇa-, śaunaka- was a son of gṛtsamada-, and originated the system of four castes;he is quoted in and ;the various legends about him are very confused) etc.

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: A1s3vS3r., APra1t., VPra1t., S3Br., Up., MBh.
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