śakāraḥ शकारः

Definition: शकारः The brother of a king's concubine, the brother-in-law of a king by a wife not regularly married (अनूढाऊभ्रातृ); (he is usually represented as a strange mixture of pride, folly, and vanity, of low family, and raised to power by reason of his relation to the king. In the Mṛichchhakaṭika of Śūdraka where he plays a prominent part, his characters is well exhibited in his lightness and frivolity of spirit, vain-glory, constant reference to his high connection, his blundering and ludicrous folly, but withal cruelty enough to throttle the heroine when she refused to yield to his desire; S. D. thus defines him:-- मदमूर्खताभिमानी दुष्कुल- तैश्वर्यसंयुक्तः । सो$यमनूढाभ्राता राज्ञः श्यालः शकार इत्युक्तः ॥ 81.

Dictionary: Apte
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