śad शद्

Definition: cl.1.6. A1. () śīyate- (confer, compare ; P.in non-conjugational tenses, ; perfect tense śaśada-, śeduḥ- ; future śatsyati- ; Aorist aśadat- grammar; future śattā- ; infinitive mood śattum- ), to fall, fall off or out : Causal śādayati-, to impel, drive on (cattle) ; śāt/ayati-, te- (confer, compare ) , to cause to fall off or out or asunder, hew or cut off, knock out etc. ; to fell, throw down, slay, kill ; to disperse, dispel, remove, destroy : Desiderative śiśatsati- grammar : Intensive śāśadyate-, śāśatti- [ confer, compare, according to to some, Latin cedo.]

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Dha1tup. xx , 25 ; xxviii , 134, Pa1n2. 7-3 , 78, 1-3 , 60, Br., AV., ib., ib., AV., Br., Bhat2t2., Pa1n2. 7-3 , 42, ib., AV., MBh., Hariv., R., Gobh., S3is3., Sus3r., ib.
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