lokayātrā लोकयात्रा

Definition: f. worldly affairs, every-day life; daily bread, maintenance; -raksha, m. protector of the people, king; -rañgana, n. pleasing the world; -rava, m. popular talk; -lokana, n. eye of the world, sun: pl. eyes of men; -vakana, n. popular talk or rumour; -vat, ad. as in ordinary life; -vartana, n. means by which the world exists; -vâda, m. talk of the world, public rumour; -vârttâ, f. public rumour; -vi krushta, pp. publicly decried; offensive to the world; -vigñâta, pp. generally known; -vidvishta, pp. universally disliked; -vidhi, m. creator of the world; order of things pre vailing in the world; -viruddha, pp. no toriously contradictory; -virodha, m. oppo sition to popular opinion; -visruta, pp. generally known; -vistara, m. general pre valence; -vritta, pp. n. general custom, ways prevailing among the people; -vrittânta, m. ways of the world; -vyavahâra, m. id.; ordinary designation; -sruti, f. world-wide notoriety; -samvyavahâra, m. business trans actions with men; -samkshaya, m. destruc tion of the world; -samgraha, m. experience gainedthrough intercourse with the world; gaining influence over men, propitiation of mankind; aggregate of the worlds; -sam grâhin, a. propitiating men; -sampanna, pp. experienced in life; -sâkshika, a. wit nessed by the world: -m, ad. before wit nesses; -sâkshin, m. witness of the world.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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