ṛbhu ऋभु

Definition: m. an artist, one who works in iron, a smith, builder (of carriages etc.), Name of three semi-divine beings (ṛbhu-, vāja-, and vibhvan-, the name of the first being applied to all of them;thought by some to represent the three seasons of the year[ ],and celebrated for their skill as artists;they are supposed to dwell in the solar sphere, and are the artists who formed the horses of indra-, the carriage of the aśvin-s, and the miraculous cow of bṛhaspati-;they made their parents young, and performed other wonderful works [Sv-apas];they are supposed to take their ease and remain idle for twelve days [the twelve intercalary days of the winter solstice] every year in the house of the Sun [Agohya];after which they recommence working;when the gods heard of their skill, they sent agni- to them with the one cup of their rival tvaṣṭṛ-, the artificer of the gods, bidding the ṛbhu-s construct four cups from it;when they had successfully executed this task, the gods received the ṛbhu-s amongst themselves and allowed them to partake of their sacrifices etc.; see Kaegi ) etc.

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Ludwig, RV. vol.iii , p.187, RV., p.53 f., RV., AV.
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