ṭa ट

Definition: the consonant ट्, the vowel अ being added for facility of utterance; cf. अकारो व्यञ्जनानाम्, T. Pr. I. 21; (2) short term, (प्रत्याहार) standing for टवगे or the lingual class of consonants, found used mostly in the Pratisakhya works; cf. RT. 13, V. Pr. I. 64, T. Pr. I. 27: (3) tad. affix (अ) added to the word फल्गुनी in the sense ' तत्र जातः' e. g. फल्गुनी, cf. P. IV. 3.34, Vart. 2; (4) krt affix (अ) added to the root चर्, सृ and कृ under certain conditions; e. g. कुरुचर:, अग्रेसुर:, यशस्करी (विद्या) दिवाकरः, वेिभकरः कर्मकरः etc. cf. P. III. 2.16-23.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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