ṣaṭkarman षट्कर्मन्

Definition: n. the six duties of Brahmans (viz. adhyayana-,"studying or repeating the veda-", adhyāpana-,"teaching the veda-", yajana-"offering sacrifices", yājana-,"conducting them for others", dāna-,"giving", and pratigraha-,"accepting gifts"), etc. (the six daily duties according to to the later law-books, are, snāna-,"religious bathing", saṃdhyājapa-,"repetition of prayers at the three saṃdhyā-s", brahma-yajña-,"worship of the Supreme Being by repeating the first words of sacred books", tarpaṇa-,"daily oblations of water to the gods, sages, and pitṛ-s", homa-,"oblations of fuel, rice etc. to fire", deva-pūjā-,"worship of the secondary gods either in the domestic sanctuary or in temples")

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: S3a1n3khGr2., Mn., Para1s3., RTL. 394
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