ṣaṣṭhītatpuruṣa षष्ठीतत्पुरुष

Definition: a tatpurusa compound with the first member (rarely the second member as in the case of अवयवतत्पुरुष) in the genitive case. The compound is very common as prescribed in the case of a word in the genitive case with any other word connected with it; e. g. राजपुरुषः, गुरुपत्नी etc.; the other tatpurusa compounds viz. द्वितीयातत्पुरुष, तृतीयातत्पुरुष and others prescribed in connection with specific words or kinds of words. The word षष्ठीसमास is also used in this sense.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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