ṭ ट्

Definition: the first consonant of the lingual class (टवर्ग) possessed of the properties श्वासानुप्रदान, अघोष, विवृतकण्ठत्व and अल्पप्राणत्व. When prefixed or affixed to an affix as an indicatory letter, it signifies the addition of the fem. affix ङीप् (ई); cf. P. IV. 1.15, When added to the conjugational affixes (लकार) it shows that in the Atmanepada the vowel of the last syllable is changed to ए. cf. P. III. 4.79. When added to an augment (अागम), it shows that the augment marked with it is to be prefixed and not to be affixed; e. g. नुट्, तुट् etc.; cf P. I. 1.46.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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