śākala शाकल

Definition: a word frequently used in the Mahabhasya for a grammatical operation or injunction (विधि) which forms a specific feature of the grammar of शाकल्य, viz. that the vowels इ, उ,ऋ, and लृ remain without phonetical combination and a shortening of them, if they are long;cf.इकोsसवर्णे शाकल्यस्य ह्रस्वश्च P.VI. 1. 127; शाकल्यस्य इदं शाकल्यम् ।; cf. also M.Bh. on P.VI.1.77 VI.1.125,VI. 1.27;VI.2.52, VII.3.3 and VIII. 2.108; (2) pupils of शाकल्य; cf. शाकल्यस्य छात्राः शाकलाः M. Bh. on P. IV.I.18;(3) a village in the Vahika district; cf. शाकलं नाम वाहीकग्राम: M. Bh. on IV.2.104 Vart. 3.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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