īṣat ईषत्

Definition: ईषत् ind. [ईष्-अति] 1 Slightly, to some extent, a little; ईषत् चुम्बितानि Ś.1.4; ईषच्च कुरुते सेवाम् Pt.1.141. Easily done, with very little exertion; ईषत्कार्यमिदं कार्यं कृतमासीन्न संशयः Rām.5.55.1. -Comp. -उष्ण a. tepid, slightly warm. -ऊन a. not quite complete, a little less than; ईषदूनार्धे कल्पप्. -कर a. 1 doing little. -2 easy to be accomplished; Mv.4. (-रम्) very little. -कार्य a. very easy, connected with slight effort; ईषत्कार्यो वधस्तस्य Mb.5.74.26. -गुण a. of little merit. -जलम् shallow water, a little water. -दर्शनम् a glance, sight, view, glimpse. -दीर्घः An almond. -नाद a. slightly sounding (a term applied to unaspirated soft consonants). -निमय a. exchanged for a little. -पाण्डु a. a little white or pale, whitish. (-ण्डुः) a pale or light-brown colour. -पान a. that of which a little is drunk. ईषत्पानः सोमो भवता Sk. आनोयुच् P.III.3.128. (-नम्) a small draught. -पुरुषः a mean or contemptible person. -बीजा Quince-seed, Dyrus Cydonia (Mar. वेदाणा). -रक्त a. pale red. (-क्तः) 1 pale-red colour. -2 undistinguishable colour. -लभ, -प्रलम्भ a. to be got for little. -विवृत a. slightly open. -वीर्यः Almond tree. -श्वास a. slightly resounding. -स्पृष्ट a. slightly touched (applied to the semivowels) ईषत्स्पृष्टमन्तस्थानम् Sk. -हासः slight laughter, a smile.

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