śambara शम्बर

Definition: शम्बर a. [शम्ब् अरच्] Best, excellent. -राः 1 Name of a demon slain by Pradyumna, q. v. -2 A mountain. -3 A kind of deer. -4 A Jina. -5 Name of the trees चित्रक, लोध्र and अर्जुन. -6 A kind of fish. -7 War. -रम् 1 Water; किं विलम्बसे ... शम्बरानयने Cholachampū p. 26. -2 A cloud. -3 Wealth. -4 A rite or religious observance.-Comp. -अरिः, सूदनः epithets of Pradyumna or the god of love. -असुरः the demon Śambara.

Dictionary: Apte
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