śalyam शल्यम्

Definition: शल्यम् [शल्-यत्] 1 A spear, javelin, dart. -2 An arrow, a shaft; शल्यं निखातमुदहारयतामुरस्तः R.9.78; शल्यप्रोतम् 9.75; अवगच्छति मूढचेतनः प्रयनाशं हृदि शल्यमर्पितम् R.8.88; Ś.6.8; V.2.1. -3 A thorn, splinter. -4 A pin, peg, stake (said to be m. also in these four senses). -5 Any extraneous substance lodged in the body and giving it very great pain; आलातशल्यम् U.3. 35; अपनीताशेषशल्यः Dk. -6 (Fig.) Any cause of poignant or heart-rending grief; उद्धृतविषादशल्यः कथयिष्यामि Ś.7. -7 A bone. -8 Difficulty, distress. -9 Sin, crime. -1 Poison. -11 Abuse, defamation. -12 Aegle Marmelos (बिल्व). -ल्यः 1 A porcupine, hedge-hog; Bhāg. 8.2.22. -2 The thorny shrub. -3 Extraction of splinters. -4 A fence, boundary. -5 The Bilva and Madana trees. -6 A kind of fish. -7 Name of a king of Madra and brother of Mādrī, the second wife of Pāṇḍu, and thus maternal uncle of Nakula and Sahadeva. (In the great war he at first intended to fight on the side of the Pāṇdavas, but he was artfully won over by Duryodhana and subsequently fought in his behalf. He acted as charioteer to Karṇa when he was generalissimo of the Kaurava forces, and after his death was appointed commander. He maintained the field for one day, but was at last slain by Yudhiṣṭhira). -ल्या A kind of dance (mentioned with लास्य and चलित). -Comp. -अरिः an epithet of Yudhiṣṭhira. -आहरणम्, -उद्धरणम्, -उद्धारः, -क्रिया, -शास्त्रम् extraction of thorns or splinters, or that part of surgery which relates to the extraction of extraneous matter from the body. -कण्ठः a porcupine. -कर्त्तृ a surgeon. -क्रिया the extraction of thorns or other extraneous substances lodged in the body. -पर्वन् Name of the 9th book of the Mahābhārata. -प्रोत a. pierced by an arrow. -लोमन् n. the quill of a porcupine. -हर्तृ m. 1 a weeder. -2 a surgeon.

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