śaṃkarācārya शंकराचार्य

Definition: m. Name of various teachers and authors, (especially) of a celebrated teacher of the vedānta- philosophy and reviver of Brahmanism (he is thought to have lived between A.D. 788 and 820, but according to tradition he flourished 200 B.C.,and was a native of kerala- or Malabar;all accounts describe him as having led an erratic controversial life;his learning and sanctity were in such repute that he was held to have been an incarnation of śiva-, and to have worked various miracles;he is said to have died at the age of thirty-two, and to have had four principal disciples, called padma-pāda-, hastāmalaka-, sureśvara- or mandana-, and troṭaka-;another of his disciples, ānanda-giri-, wrote a history of his controversial exploits, called śaṃkara-vijaya- q.v;tradition makes him the founder of one of the principal śaiva- sects, the daśa-nāmi-daṇḍin-s or"Ten-named Mendicants" ;he is the reputed author of a large number of original works, such as the ātma-bodha-, ānanda-laharī-, jñāna-bodhinī- , maṇi-ratna-mālā-, etc.;and commentaries on the upaniṣad-s, and on the brahma-mīmāṃsā- or vedānta-sūtra-, bhagavadgītā-, and mahā-bhārata-, etc.)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RTL. 87, IW. 46, RTL. 53
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