īr ईर्

Definition: cl.2 A1. /īrte- (3. plural /īrate- ), iraṃ-cakre-, iriṣyati-, airiṣṭa-, īritum- ; Ved. infinitive mood ir/adhyai- , to go, move, rise, arise from ; to go away, retire ; to agitate, elevate, raise (one's voice) : Causal P. īr/ayati- (see īl-), to agitate, throw, cast ; to excite etc. ; to cause to rise ; to bring to life ; to raise one's voice, utter, pronounce, proclaim, cite etc. ; to elevate : A1. to raise one's self

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: AV., RV., RV. i , 134 , 2, RV., AV. xix , 38 , 2, RV., RV., AV., MBh., R., RV., ChUp., Ragh., Sus3r., RV., VS., TS., S3Br., AV., VS.
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