āprī आप्री

Definition: आप्री f. [आप्रीणात्यनया आ-प्री-ड-गौरा˚ ङीष्] Ved. 1 Conciliation, propitiation, gaining one's favour. -2 (pl.) 'Propitiatory verses', a name given to certain invocations addressed to several deified objects in consecutive order, and said to be introductory to the animal sacrifice; some take the Apris to represent the objects themselves, the verses being consequently called Apri verses. The objects invoked are 12:- Susamiddha, Tanūnapāt, Narāśaṁsa, the divine being bearing invocations to the gods, Barhis, the doors of the sacrificial chamber, night and dawn the two divine beings protecting the sacrifice, the three goddesses Ilā, Sarasvatī, and Mahī, Tvaṣṭṛi, Vanaspati and Svāhā, (all these being regarded by Sāyaṇa to be different forms of Agni); स एता आप्रीरपश्यत्ताभिर्वै स मुखत आत्मानमा- प्रीणीत; cf. also Max Muller's Hist. Anc. Lit. pp. 463-466.

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