yayātiḥ ययातिः

Definition: ययातिः [यस्य वायोरिव यातिः सर्वत्र रथगतिर्यस्य Tv.] Name of a celebrated king of the lunar race, son of Nahuṣa; ययातेरिव शर्मिष्ठा भर्तुर्बहुमता भव Ś.4.7. [He married Devayānī, daughter of Śukra, and Śarmiṣṭhā, daughter of the king of Asuras, was told by her father to be her servant as a sort of recompense for her insulting conduct towards her on a previous occasion. (See Devayānī.) But Yayāti fell in love with this servant and privately married her. Aggrieved at this, Devayānī went to her father and complained of the conduct of her husband, on whom, therefore, Śukra inflicted premature infirmity and old age. Yayāti, however, propitiated him and obtained from him permission to transfer his decrepitude to any one who would consent to take it. He asked his five sons, but all refused except Puru, the youngest. Yayāti accordingly transferred his infirmity to Puru, and being once more in the prime of youth, passed his time in the enjoyment of sensual pleasures. This he did for 1 years, and yet his desire was not satisfied. At last, however, with a vigorous effort he renounced his sensual life, restored his youth to Puru, and having made him successor to the throne, repaired to the woods to lead a pious life and meditate upon the Supreme Spirit.]

Dictionary: Apte
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