vivakṣā विवक्षा

Definition: intention or desire, generally of the speaker with regard to the sense to be conveyed by his words; the words वक्तुर्विवक्षा are often used by grammarians in this sense: cf. विवक्षातः कारकाणि (Paribhāṣā)cf. also कथम् । विवक्षातः । M. Bh. on P.I.1.66-67, I.2.64 Vārt. 53, IV.1.3: cf. also विवक्षाधीना शब्दव्युत्पत्तिः Durgh. Vr. II.2.8; cf. also इतिकरणो विवक्षार्थ: Kāś. on P.II. 2.27, IV.2.21, IV.2.55,57, etc.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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