viṣayasaptamī विषयसप्तमी

Definition: locative case denoting the domain or province of a particular suffix or a substitute or the like, which could be actually applied later on; this विषयसप्तमी is contrast ed with परसप्तमी when the thing mentioned in the locative case is required, to be present in front; cf.असति पौर्वापर्ये विषयसप्तमी विज्ञास्यते M. Bh. on P. II. 4.35; cf. also अार्धधातुके इति विषयसप्तमी Kāś, on P.II. 4.35; cf. also M. Bh. on P. III. 1.26 and IV. 1.90.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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