viśākhaḥ विशाखः

Definition: विशाखः 1 Name of Kārtikeya; वक्षो विशाखविशिखव्रण- लाञ्छितं मे Mv.2.38. -2 An attitude in shooting (in which the archer stands with the feet a span apart). -3 A beggar, petitioner. -4 A spindle. -5 Name of Śiva. -6 Name of a god, frequently mentioned by Paṇini and Patañjali along with Skanda; e. g. see Mbh. on P.VI.3.26, VIII.1.15. -a. also विशाखक; Branched, forked. -Comp. -जः the orange tree.

Dictionary: Apte
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