vedikā वेदिका

Definition: वेदिका 1 A sacrificial altar or ground; इति प्रिये वादिनि वेदिकोदरी Rām. ch.2.57. -2 A raised seat; an elevated spot of ground (usually for sacred purposes); सप्तपर्णवेदिका Ś.1; सदेवदारुद्रुमवदिकायाम् Ku.3.44. -3 A seat in genearal. -4 An altar, a heap, mound; मन्दाकिनी- सैकतवेदिकाभिः Ku.1.29 'by making altars or heaps of sand &c'. -5 A quadrangular open shed in the middle of a court-yard; a pavilion, balcony; तप्तकाञ्चन- वेदिकम् (जग्राह); Rām.7.15.37; सुरवेश्मवेदिका Ki.7.12. -6 An arbour, a bower.

Dictionary: Apte
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