vaidarbhaḥ वैदर्भः

Definition: वैदर्भः [विदर्भ-अण्] 1 A king of Vidarbha. -2 A gum-boil. -र्भम् Crafty, ambiguous speech. -र्भी 1 Name of Damayantī धन्यास वैदर्भि गुणैरुदारैः N.3.116. -2 Of Rukmiṇī. -3 A particular style of composition; thus defined in S. D. :-- माधुर्यव्यञ्जकैर्वर्णै रचना ललितात्मिका । अवृत्तिरल्पवृत्तिर्वा वैदर्भी रीतिरिष्यते ॥ 626. Daṇḍin very minutely distinguishes this style from the Gaudiya; see Kāv. 1.41-53. Alaṁkāraśekhara quotes Ku.5.4 as an illustration. -4 Name of the wife of Agastya.

Dictionary: Apte
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