utkaṭa उत्कट

Definition: उत्कट a. Large, spacious; ज्याजिह्वया वलयितोत्कटकोटि- दंष्ट्रम् U.4.29. -2 Powerful, mighty, extraordinary, fierce; अत्युत्कटे च रौद्रे च शत्रौ यस्य न हीयते Pt.1.13; Mv. 1.39,5.33. -3 Excessive, much; अत्युत्कटैः पापपुण्यैरिहैव फलमश्नुते H.1.85. -4 Prominently visible, conspicuous; ˚लाञ्छनस्य U.35. -5 Abounding in, richly endowed with; पादपान् कुसुमोत्कटान् Rām. -6 Drunk, mad, furious; मदोत्कटः. -7 Superior, high. -8 Proud, haughty. -9 Uneven. -1 Difficult. -टः 1 A fluid (ichor) dropping from the temples of an etephant in rut. -2 An elephant in rut. -3 The plant Saccharum Sara (इक्षुतृण). -4 Pride, intoxication. -टाः The plant Laurus Cassia (सैहीलता; Mar. उट्कटारी, सिंहपिंपळी). -टम् The fragrant bark of Laurus Cassia (Mar. दालचिनी).उत्कटिका utkaṭikā उत्कटुकासनम् utkaṭukāsanamउत्कटिका उत्कटुकासनम् Sitting on the hams, squatting, the manner of sitting of Yogis (the legs being outstretched and forming a right angle).

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