uśanas उशनस्

Definition: उशनस् m. [वश्-कनसि संप्र˚ Uṇ.4.238] (Nom. sing. उशना; Voc. sing. उशनन्, उशन, उशनः) Name of Śukra, regent of the planet Venus, son of Bhṛigu and preceptor of the Asuras. In the Vedas he has the epithet (or patronymic name) Kāvya given to him, probably because he was noted for his wisdom; मित्रावरुणावुशनां काव्यम् (अवथः) Av.4.29.6. cf. कवीनामुशना कविः Bg. 1.37; He is also known as a writer on civil and religious law (Y.1.4). and as an authority on civil polity; शास्त्रमुशनसा प्रणीतम् Pt.5; अध्यापितस्योशनसापि नीतिम् Ku.3.6. -Comp. -प्रियम् A kind of gem Called गोमेद (वैडूर्य ?)

Dictionary: Apte
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